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The Capstone Course: Sustainability in Action (IDS 4942)

Sustainability in Action is the capstone course for all majors in Sustainability Studies.  It is offered every Spring semester.

Sustainability in Action gives students practical experience in sustainability related projects, community service, or business enterprise. It is designed to help students integrate the diverse forms of knowledge gained during their coursework in Sustainability Studies, develop social and technical career skills, foster a sense of civic empowerment, and provide collective action and workplace experience. Students meet twice a week for the first three weeks of the semester to explore the nature of social change and develop  professional skills.  Throughout the semester, students are involved in their internships, service learning opportunities, or integrated research projects. The class meets periodically during the semester to discuss readings and practical experiences, and benefit from peer support. In the final two weeks of the semester, students present formal accounts of their internship experiences and accomplishments.

To Enroll

Enrollment in the Capstone course is departmentally controlled. To become enrolled, you must complete these four steps.