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Major in Sustainability Studies

Bachelor of Arts in Sustainability Studies (BASS)

The Bachelor of Arts in Sustainability Studies is a 120 credit hour degree program with a unique, interdiscipinary curriculum.

Majors are required to complete 33 credit hours of sustainability studies coursework including:

  • IDS 2154: Facets of Sustainability, the gateway course
  • 3 Core Courses in Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • 6 “Cluster” courses selected from an interdisciplinary menu of options spanning multiple colleges
  • IDS 4942: Sustainability in Action, the internship capstone course

Students interested in pursuing the BASS degree are encouraged to consider Double Majoring.

Facets of Sustainability, the gateway course, is offered each fall.

Core Courses will be available according to the schedule here.

A list of the Cluster Courses that will be taught in the upcoming semester is posted as soon as it becomes available.

Sustainability in Action, the capstone course, is offered each spring.

Course Requirements

Learn more about the course requirements for a B.A. in Sustainability Studies.

Knowledge and Skills Developed

  • Broad knowledge of sustainability scholarship, including natural scientific, social scientific, and humanistic approaches.
  • Knowledge of the relationship of sustainability to Ethics, Culture and Human Behavior, Economics, Law and Policy, Production Systems and the Built Environment, Ecology and Environmental Stewardship.
  • Critical assessment of sustainability principles and practices.
  • Effective written and oral communication skills of a range of approaches, frameworks, principles, and practices of sustainability.