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Core Courses

Core courses will be available according to the following schedule.

Sustainability Studies majors take both IDS Core Courses, and select one Humanities, one Natural Science and one Social Science Core Course.

Interdisciplinary Studies

Course NumberCourse NameSemester(s) Offered
IDS 2154Facets of Sustainability (02AH)Fall 2021, Fall 2022
IDS 4942Sustainability in ActionSpring 2021, Spring 2022


Course NumberCourse NameSemester(s) Offered
AMH 2631History of SustainabilityFall 2021
CLA 2521 Classical Antiquity and Sustainability Spring 2021
REL 2071 Religion and Sustainability Summer 2021
LIT 3400Literature of Sustainability Fall 2021

Natural Science

Course NumberCourse NameSemester(s) Offered
BSC 2862 Global Change Ecology and Sustainability Spring 2021, Fall 2021
GEO 2351 Geographical Sciences and SustainabilitySpring 2022

Social Science

Course NumberCourse NameSemester(s) Offered
ANT 2402 Anthropology of Sustainability Spring 2021
ECO 2310Economics of Sustainability Spring 2021
POS 2032 Politics of Sustainability Summer A 2021 (Study Abroad)
PSY 3626 Psychology of Sustainability* Spring 2021, Fall 2021
* While there are no prerequisites for Psychology of Sustainability, if you have not taken any Psychology courses you must contact to be enrolled.