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Transfer Students

Transferring to UF to pursue Sustainability Studies?
The University of Florida has one of the top Sustainability Studies programs in the country.  We welcome students who have passion, commitment, and demonstrate academic excellence. Students seeking to transfer to UF are encouraged to speak with an advisor at Academic Advising.  Make an advising appointment.

Before your phone call or visit with an advisor, please visit the UF Admissions Transfer Students website and the College of Liberal Arts and Science Transfer Students website.

Students may gain credit for any courses at their current institutions that appear on the Sustainability Studies list of Approved Cluster Courses.

Students transferring from community colleges can count up to 9 credits (from the list of Approved Cluster Courses) toward the major, whereas students transferring from four-year institutions can count up to 18 credits (from the list of Approved Cluster Courses) toward the major.

Either before transferring or very soon after arriving at UF, transfer students should also make an appointment to speak with the Director of Sustainability Studies.

We look forward to welcoming you to Sustainability Studies at the University of Florida!