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Cluster Courses

Sustainability Studies Cluster Courses are offered each semester.

The following Cluster Courses will be offered Fall 2020.


Cluster A - Fall

Ethics, Culture and Human Behavior
Course NumberCourse Name
AEB4126Agricultural and Natural Resource Ethics
ANT3420Consumer Culture
ANT4006Human Rights and Culture
ANT4403Environment and Cultural Behavior (GE-S and WR)
FNR4070CEnvironmental Education Program Development
GEO3427Plants, Health and Spirituality
REL3492Religion Ethics and Nature
SYG2010Social Problems (GE-S)
SYO4530Social Inequality (GE-S and D)
WIS4523Human Dimensions of Natural Resource Conservation
WST3415Transnational Feminism

Cluster B - Fall

Economics, Law and Policy
Course NumberCourse Name
AEB 2451Economics of Resource Use (GE-S)
AEB 3450Introduction to Natural Resource and Environmental Economics
AEB 4123Agricultural and Natural Resource Law
AEB 4282 International Humanitarian Assistance (GE-S and N)
AEB 4283International Development Policy (GE-S)
ECP 3302Environmental Economics and Resource Policy (GE-S)
FNR 4660 Natural Resource Policy and Economics
FOR 4664Sustainable Ecotourism Development
FYC 4408Organizational Leadership for Nonprofits
FYC 4409Working with Nonprofit Organizations in Community Settings
GEO 2500Global and Regional Economies
GEO 3372Conservation of Resources

Cluster C - Fall

Production Systems and the Built Environment
Course NumberCourse Name
ARC 1000Architecture and Humanity (GE-H)
ARC 3291 Special Studies in Architecture
ARC 4882Vernacular Architecture and Sustainability
ALS 3133 Agricultural and Environmental Quality (GE-P)
AOM 2520Global Sustainable Energy: Past, Present and Future
BCN 1582 International Sustainable Development (GE-S and N)
BCN 3730 Construction, Safety, Health and the Environment
DCP 3200 Methods of Inquiry for Sustainability and the Built Environment
DCP 3210 Sustainable Solutions for the Built Environment
DCP 3220 Social and Cultural Sustainability and the Built Environment
EES 3008Energy and Environment
EES 4050Environmental Planning and Design
ENV 4932Special Problems in Environmental Engineering Sciences
HOS 3281COrganic and Sustainable Crop Production
LAA 2330Site Analysis
SWS 3022 Introduction to Soils in the Environment (GE-P)
SWS 4116Environmental Nutrient Management (GE-P)
SWS 4231C Soil, Water and Land Use (GE-P)
SWS 4932 Special Topics in Soil and Water Science
URP 4000 Preview of Urban and Regional Planning (GE-H)

Cluster D - Fall

Ecology and Environmental Stewardship
Course NumberCourse Name
BOT 2800CPlants in Human Affairs (GE-B)
BSC 2005Biological Sciences (GE-B)
BSC 2011Integrated Principles of Biology 2 (GE-B)
ENV 4101Elements of Atmospheric Pollution
FOR 2662Forests for the Future (GE-S) (WR)
FOR 3004Forests, Conservation and People (GE-B)
FOR 3153CForest Ecology (GE-B)
GEO 2200Physical Geography
GEO 3341Extreme Floods
GLY 2010CPhysical Geology (GE-P)
GLY 2030CEnvironmental and Engineering Geology (GE-P)
GLY 3882CHydrogeology and Human Affairs
PCB 4043CGeneral Ecology
SWS 2007 The World of Water (GE-P)
SWS 4244Wetlands
WIS 2040 Wildlife Issues in a Changing World (GE-B)
WIS 2552 Biodiversity Conservation: Global Perspectives (GE-B and N)
WIS 3401 Wildlife Ecology and Management
WIS 3434Tropical Wildlife
WIS 4554Conservation Biology