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Alumni Spotlight: Timothy Fitzwilliam

BA ’12 Liberal Arts and Science (Major Sustainability Studies)

Tim FitzwilliamTimothy graduated in 2012 with a major in Sustainability Studies, after interning at Swallowtail Farm and Prairie Creek Conservation Cemetery. Marrying a women he met in his travels in Switzerland, he moved there in 2014 and became a father. Although it took some time to learn the language and adjust to a new a country, Timothy is feeling integrated and at home now in Switzerland, where he is an active member of a local environmental group that turns conventional farm land into habitat for wildlife through the construction of ponds, the planting of native hedges and trees, and the removal of nutrient rich topsoil – allowing native groundcovers to thrive. Timothy is a Train Traffic Controller at the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB). Additionally, he works as a meditation teacher and Life-Coach and serves as the Treasurer for ManKindProject Switzerland.