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Alumni Spotlight: Rebekah Foster

BA ’15 Liberal Arts & Sciences (Major: Sustainability Studies and Women’s Studies)

Rebekah graduated from the University of Florida in 2015 with degrees in Sustainability Studies & Women’s Studies. During her time as a student she was a volunteer at the Rural Women’s Health Project, an environmental education intern at the Tuscawilla Prairie Learning Center and a teaching assistant for courses in sustainability & social entrepreneurship. Since graduating, she has worked as an environmental educator in a variety of settings. She has led middle school students on backpacking trips on the Appalachian Trail, taught stream ecology to elementary school students at a nature center in Georgia and led coastal hikes for high school students on the shores of the Pacific. She is committed to bringing equity and inclusion to the outdoors and environmental science fields and is currently doing this work as the Garden and Nutrition Coordinator at a neighborhood center in San Francisco. She teaches elementary and middle school students in an outdoor classroom and garden with hopes of connecting young people with the land, their food and themselves. In her free time Rebekah works for a local organic farm slinging veggies at the market, having potlucks with friends and cooking.