Minor in Sustainability Studies

About the Minor

The Minor in Sustainability Studies is an academically rigorous, interdisciplinary program of study that provides students with knowledge and skill development in the emerging field of Sustainability Studies. It is designed to complement any major area of study.

The Minor in Sustainability Studies has three components. 

Beginning in 2014, a Distance Learning vesion of Facets of Sustainability will be offerred in either the spring or summer semesters whenever possible.

A list of the Cluster Courses that will be taught in the upcoming semester is emailed to all Sustainability Studies Majors and Minors a week before the enrollment period.

Sustainability in Action, the capstone course, is offered each spring.

Course Requirements

Learn more about the course requirements for Minor in Sustainability Studies.

Enrolling in the Minor in Sustainability Studies

Fill out the Apply to Add or Cancel a Minor form. Bring the completed form for review to the CLAS Academic Advising Center in Farrior Hall, 100 Fletcher Drive.

N.B. You must have at least 45 hours to apply for a minor. Students on college probabtion cannot apply for a minor.

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Sustainability Studies

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