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Sustainability in Action

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Sustainability in Action is the capstone course in Sustainability Studies. It required of all students pursuing the Major. Students pursuing a Minor in Sustainability Studies must successfully apply to the Director of Sustainability Studies to gain admission.

Sustainability in Action gives students practical experience in sustainability related projects, community service, or business enterprise. It is designed to help students integrate the diverse forms of knowledge gained during their coursework in Sustainability Studies, develop social and technical career skills, foster a sense of civic empowerment, and provide collective action and workplace experience.

Students meet twice a week for the first three weeks of the semester while their internships, service learning opportunities, or integrated research projects are finalized. At this time, we will explore historical and contemporary examples of individual and collective action in the arenas of environmental protection, social justice, and sustainable economic enterprise.

During the following eleven weeks, students are involved in their internships, service learning opportunities, or integrated research projects. We will meet a total of 3 times during this period to discuss readings, update classmates on your practical experiences, create synergies, and build the classroom community. In the final two weeks of the semester, students present formal accounts of their experiences and accomplishments.

This course is graded S/U. In order to pass the course, students must attend all scheduled classes, complete required readings and weekly blogs, successfully carry out their internships, service learning opportunities, or integrated research projects, and skillfully present accounts of their work experiences in class. Students are evaluated by the instructor of the course and a workplace or research supervisor.

To Enroll

Both students in the Major and Minor should contact the Director of Sustainability Studies ( before the end of October, in the fall term prior to their last Spring semester at UF.

At this time, Majors should request an office meeting to discuss potential internships, service learning opportunities, or integrated research projects.

Minors should send an email that includes: your name, UF ID number, email address, current major, GPA, expected graduation date, a list of the courses that you have taken (or are currently taking) to fulfill Minor requirements, a paragraph detailing your background in sustainability-related efforts, and a paragraph sketching out your career goals.

Explore examples of the various internships, service learning opportunities, and integrated research projects that students have undertaken.

Course Syllabus

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