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Sustainability Studies in the College of Liberal Arts and Science

Sustainability Studies prepares students for global citizenship while providing the knowledge and skill sets that are increasingly in demand.

Maintaining environmental health, creating economic welfare, and pursuing social justice in a changing world are tough challenges. Sustainability Studies students gain understanding of the ways in which these three goals are interdependent and explore how they best can be pursued over the long term on local, national, and global levels.

Students put their knowledge to work on campus and in the local community in the capstone course, Sustainability in Action.

Congratulations to Our 2017 Graduates!

Student Spotlights

Recent gradaute, Rebekah Foster earned degrees in both Sustainability Studies and Women's Studies and is excited to be working in environmental and social justice education in Vermont after graduation. She is excited to have the opportunity to inspire students to care about their natural environment. She hopes to use the academic foundation she received as a Sustainability Studies student to engage and educate people in understanding how they can work towards solving environmental degradation.

Current Student Lucas Lopes, recently began an internship with the City of Orlando Economic Development Division, where he will be working on a Community Food Assessment. Lucas plans to use all the work in community building and food security he learned in Politics of Sustainabiltiy to make this a great success. He'll be collaborating with the food policy council, "Good Food Central Florida" and "Local Roots" go Lucas!

Current Student Jenna Davis, reflects on her course of study:

"Throughout my time as a Sustainability Studies student, my coursework has not only given these issues complex and profound meaning, but has also introduced me to the many creative and innovative ways we as a society can address them.

As a double major with Environmental Sciences, I find it an exciting opportunity to learn how humanity affects the natural world, how it in turn affects us, and how best to live within its bounds. The beauty of this degree resides in its applicability to nearly every other area of study, from the sciences to business to engineering to the social sciences and beyond."

Former student, Kelly Baker, graduated just last year, and is beginning a
graduate program in
Environmental Law. Go Kelly!

Here she is volunteering on Tuscawilla prairie, at a local environmental
education center. Contributing to our community is a big part of learning to
be a leader in sustainability.

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Sustainability Studies

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